PVC Box Films

BOX range of films offer both superior quality and clarity that ensures perfect printing every time. Crystal clear packages made of BOX film deliver exceptional gloss, maximum product visibility and high impact strength for enhancing the aesthetics and appearance of the product. The film offers ease in processing, negligible rejection and added shelf appeal. Our films provide a clean and crisp die-cutting. This ensures that there are no rough edges after punching the film and the boxes are smooth and safe for handling by consumers. Produced under tightly controlled conditions and with months of development and testing, this new grade Super-Clear film will meet all your product demands and requirements.

These films are also available with one side or both side masking films to protect the surface from scratches during processing and transit of the material. The masking film is easily peelable and adds a layer of protection to the material which help in retaining high optical clarity in the material. The point about masking films is to be included in offset printing and box making.

  • Excellent clarity & transparency
  • High gloss Non-crease whitening lines
  • Available in sheet form without curvature or off-cuts
  • Smooth die cutting
  • Non-sticky for speedy automatic die-cutting
  • Superior sealing/ welding
  • Excellent printability with all common printing methods • Excellent impact strength
  • Surface options
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