• Food Container

    Food Container

    PP plastic sheets are food-grade and approved for contact with food, ensuring the safety and integrity of the stored food. They do not leach harmful…

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  • Garment/Product/Rack Tags

    Garment/Product/Rack Tags

    PP plastic sheets offer excellent resistance to water and tearing, ensuring that product tags remain intact and legible even in humid or rough handling conditions….

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  • Fridge Mats

    Fridge Mats

    PP plastic sheets offer excellent moisture resistance, making them ideal for fridge mats. They protect the fridge shelves from spills, leaks, and condensation, preventing damage…

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  • Table Mat

    Table Mat

    PP plastic sheets are easy to clean and maintain, making them suitable for use as table mats. Spills and stains can be easily wiped off,…

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  • Offset Printing

    Offset Printing

    PP plastic sheets offer excellent ink adhesion, allowing for vibrant and sharp printing results. The ink adheres well to the surface of the sheet, resulting…

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  • Gift Packing

    Gift Packing

    PP plastic sheets offer excellent transparency, allowing the gift to be clearly visible through the packaging. This enhances the presentation and allows recipients to see…

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  • Plastic File Folders

    Plastic File Folders

    The durability, water and moisture resistance, transparency, and lightweight nature of PP plastic sheets make them an ideal choice for plastic folders. They offer protection,…

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  • Juice Glasses

    Juice Glasses

    PP plastic sheets offer excellent transparency, allowing the vibrant colors and enticing appearance of juices to be showcased, enhancing the visual appeal of the glass….

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  • Food Tray

    Food Tray

    PP plastic sheets are approved for food contact and considered safe for packaging food. They do not leach harmful chemicals into the food, ensuring the…

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